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Welcome Horizon Eye Care Employees!

You are welcome to purchase any of the approved items within the
Horizon Eye Care Dress Code on this page.



Please keep up with your HEC uniform allowance. Your purchase will first be billed against your HEC uniform allowance and the remainder (if any) will be charged to payroll deduction.

Discount & Monogramming
A 15% discount will be applied to HEC approved items when you log into your account.
You will see the 2 different prices on each item when you are logged in correctly.

Your order will be delivered in bulk to the Cotswold office and sent by courier to your office. Upon checkout, please provide your work address.

Enter this promotion code at checkout to avoid a freight charge: HECSHIP

Dress Code
Monday: Dark Pinks or approved coordinating print
Tuesday: Royal Blue or Dark Grey or approved coordinating print
Wednesday: Eggplant or approved coordinating print
Thursday: Turquoise or approved coordinating print
Friday: All Black or any HEC approved uniform or top.
Saturday: HEC shirt or any of the above
(Royal Blue approved for ALL days!)

Orders are processed during daytime business hours, Monday through Friday (8:30am - 6:00pm).
Weekend and evening orders are processed by the following business day. If you do not know your balance, or have any questions, please call Account Specialists at 704-366-8947 or Email retailcharlotte@firstuniform.com. You will be notified by email if any items on your order are backordered or discontinued.

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